Five Senses

living room

Design Philosophy


Abbey Hall believes a company's brand is significantly influenced by its interior spaces. Creating interiors that engage both employees and customers alike can catapult a business into a recognized and favored brand. Additionally, it is critical that care is given to creating the best environment for employees to perform. How they interact with their workplace, and how it interacts with them, can play a large part in increasing efficiency, and employee morale.

Research has shown that emotion drives our thinking and ultimately our decisions. The five senses are catalysts for our emotions. That is, the combination of hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling is far more influencial in our decision making than any one sense on its own.

Our interior design process makes sure all five senses work together to create a comfortable and productive space. Abbey Hall has extensive experience creating living environments that are clinically proven to improve healing and the rate of recovery for medical, clinical, and long term care applications.